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Two Sweetbeau Mustangs

Save, Train, and Adopt Sweetbeau Horses

Our mission at Sweetbeau Horses is to save, train, and adopt out American Mustangs that have lost their freedom and everything they have ever known.  Every Sweetbeau mustang is a proud representation of how intelligent, athletic, and engaging these horses can be.  Through educational forums, we want to inspire the public to actively take a stand against any threat to the freedom and very lives of these icons of our American history. Our mustangs also participate in our Equine Therapy program, Blue Skies, serving returning combat military veterans, first responders and others struggling with emotional pain and suffering.

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Sweetbeau Horses Sign

Join Us For A Mustang Experience to Remember

Settled in the tiny community of Creston, California Sweetbeau Horses ranch is an oasis in time.  It has been called a portal of healing by “Hidden Pearls” pod cast celebrities after a weekend PTSD therapy event.  You will pass quiet cattle ranches and vineyards as you drive to the gates that open to a magical world where mustangs and humans can heal their spirits.

We welcome individuals and groups, woman’s retreat, photographers, summer camp groups, families, friends, and just people who need a break from the drama of their world.  Our adventures are planned just for you by our event management team and there is the perfect day waiting for everyone.

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Our Instagram feed shows some of our adventures