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How to Help Adopt

Our mustangs go through 12 to 18 months of gentled and natural horsemanship training at the very least.  Sweetbeau’s trained mustangs have been ridden extensively in our arenas, around the ranch, over different terrains, up and down hills, on the beach, and have been ridden alone and out with groups.  Our goal is to set each mustang and adopter up for success to enjoy a lifelong partnership.

We dedicate ourselves to understanding our adopter’s desire in their horse’s personality, athletic levels, and temperament to better place a horse in the right home. 

Adoption Process

Our Adoption Process

Adopting a Sweetbeau mustang is a rewarding and exciting experience that has been shared by many of our wonderful adopters.  For qualified individuals, this is a unique opportunity to own, ride and enjoy a gentled and trained Living Legend.  Our adoption goal is always to set adopter and horse up for success.  We base our adoption matching on a number of factors such as level and years of experience, knowledge of riding and care, facilities, and height and weight of the rider.  Our trained mustangs are available to strong intermediate to experienced riders who demonstrate clear and confident ability in the basics of good horsemanship, as outlined in the “Mustang Ready Guidelines”.

  1. Review our Mustang Ready Guidelines.
  2. Submit an Adoption Application.
  3. Contact us to schedule an intro phone call with us. 
  4. Upon approval of your application, schedule a ranch visit.