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Sweetbeau Testimonials

Laura P
“Sweetbeau Ranch is a wonderful place for mustangs being trained to become riding companions. The horses at Sweetbeau are given the best possible care and training, which is done humanely and with great consideration for the individual needs of each horse. These horses receive training to enable them to become great partners with their humans, which is supervised by Patricia and Michael. This nonprofit is very strict about using all of it’s donations for the care and training of it’s horses. Patricia and Michael are dedicating their lives to these rescued horses, that would be killed for horse meat in Mexico without their intervention. They follow up on their adopted mustangs, to ensure that the horses continue to receive good care. I am happy to recommend this nonprofit organization.”
Gale B
“Genuine horse love is on full display at The Sweetbeau Rescue ranch. Thorough and thoughtful care and attention is practiced on every level of the facility. In a time when everyone seems to find something to be angry about, all your anxiety and frustration melts away when you pull into the drive at Sweetbeau. The beautiful rescued horses seem to fall into an effortless transition to domesticity while being loved and trained. Running this ranch requires many long hard hours. Thank you to Michael, Patricia and all the team involved.”
Letty L
“I have been following Sweetbeau Ranch over the years and the owners are very dedicated to their cause. They have spent so much effort and time saving these horses from being slaughtered. There should be more people out there to take a leaf out of their book. I think they are a wonderful organization and they are saving as many mustangs as they can. They are dedicated to their cause and their time and experience have proven so. It is my honor to support them in any way I can.”
Jamie B
“I have been in the wild horse world for a while, and have visited many rescue operations and sanctuaries. Michael and Patricia's ranch is right up there with the very best of them. They have made their vision come true, and have created a first class ranch of over 100 acres, all of it designed with the needs of the horses in mind. They understand the trauma these horses have been through and have built spaces that maximize their need for comfort and safety. Patricia and Michael really truly care about both humans and horses, and it shows. They have created spaces for humans that make them feel as important as the horses they rescue and train. The ranch is clean, well organized, and everyone works as a team to maintain the highest standards of care. Michael and Patricia are totally dedicated to saving as many mustangs as they can, and helping as many humans as they can, along the way. When you visit Sweetbeau Horses, I guarantee that you will breathe a sigh of relief and have a feeling of peace, knowing that horses (and humans, ) are treated with respect, understanding and compassion.”
Jessica P
Jessica P
“Our family’s horse journey began because of this amazing organization and the work they do. We had the privilege of adopting our first horse, Caleb, from Sweetbeau and he has been such a blessing to our family. Caleb is my 9 year old daughters best friend and if that isn’t a testament to the work they put into these horses I don’t know what is. Their commitment to the health and future of these horses is inspiring and it’s been a pleasure being a part of the Sweetbeau family. We will continue to support this incredible organization and can’t wait to see more of these beautiful horses find their forever homes.”
Susie P
“A dear friend introduced me to Patricia and Michael of Sweetbeau a few years ago. When I first heard the story about Suave - my heart melted and I had to go meet him. Upon arriving at the ranch in Creston, I fell in love with another one of their mustangs Mystic and left sponsoring them both! The two of them are so fun to watch together and I enjoy the opportunities to spend time feeding them carrots and apples. I am a lifelong animal lover and it’s been a wonderful gift to see the impact Sweetbeau has given to these beautiful creatures. The mission of Sweetbeau is special to me and I am thoroughly impressed with the care and dedication this organization has to the wild mustang community. The entire staff has been friendly and professional and provides me the opportunity to visit them in a safe environment. Thank you, Patricia and Michael, for giving me the opportunity to learn more about wild mustangs and for the time and generosity your staff has shown me.”
Mellany M
Mellany M
“I am a wild horse photographer and have photographed the Onaqui wild horse herd many times. In 2019 many of the herd were rounded up and removed from their native land. Myself and many, many others from around the world were devastated. Sweetbeau Horses stepped up and rescued 6 of those horses and gave them a safe place at the Sweetbeau Ranch. I visited the ranch recently and witnessed first hand the loving care afforded these beautiful creatures.”
Bob R
“I've known the owners of Sweetbeau for many years and have donated to this ranch often. They are extraordinarily committed to helping rescue wild mustangs, train them to be safe to ride, and then adopt them out to forever homes. I hope that people reading this review will join me in adding financial assistance to further support the fine work that is being done here.”
Brogan K
“I've been spending time at the ranch for over a year now and can attest to the incredible work the team there does to support the care and development of the wild mustangs taken in by the Sweetbeau family. What the folks do at the ranch is truly God's work – giving these majestic animals the opportunity to live long and healthy lives. It's been very moving for me personally to see the development of these horses from one year to the next. I'm missing Atlas already! :-)”
Maria M
Maria M
“I've been a wild horse photographer and advocate for many years now. The first time I heard of Sweetbeau Horses was in 2019 when they rescued a few of the Onaqui Mountain wild mustangs that have been rounded up by the BLM. After reading about their mission and knowing how much it takes to get these mustangs ready for adoption (a ton of time, dedication and money), I've decided to reach out and offer my help. I just spent three days at their ranch photographing a Liberty Clinic. During those days I was able to learn about how they work, check out the grounds, meet a few of the trainers as well as the mustangs and talk to both Michael and Patricia Soffel, the owners. I am nothing less than impressed with it all for so many reasons. The facility is not only beautiful but also amazingly well kept, the people are kind toward both humans and horses and, most importantly, their commitment to the well being of the horses is evident. I am so grateful for spending time at Sweetbeau Horses and am looking forward to seeing Sweetbeau continue to carry on their vision/mission helping so many other mustangs find a forever home. Maria Marriott Wild Horse Photography
Melissa T
“This is a wonderful non-profit that has given sanctuary to a favorite Onaqui wild horse that was rounded up last year (Ghost!) and several other Onaqui were also saved that are now getting a second chance after being rounded up. I personally have chosen to sponsor a Mustang (Stetson) and couldn’t feel better about the organization and team they have. Patricia’s unfaltering devotion to the care and well being of the horses is heart warming, encouraging and top notch. While we would all love to see the wild horses remain wild, when that isn’t possible Sweetbeau is the next best place.”
Duffy H
“We have known Michael and Patricia for around 20 years. Their long time dedication to saving wild horses is extraordinary. They have totally committed their personal resources and time to save these wild Mustangs from being slaughtered in Mexico. Sweetbeau has proved that you can take these "unwanted and wild" horses and train them to be great trail horses for a loving rider.”
Tammy B
“We first met Patricia & Michael 4 years ago when they bought their ranch and started Sweetbeau. We really didn’t know a whole lot about the mustangs and had no idea of what these horses have been going through out in the wild and their plight to survive, until we learned about the mission of Sweetbeau and these wild mustangs. Their commitment to the welfare of the mustangs has saved these wild horses from slaughter and has turned their ranch into a thriving sanctuary. When the mustangs arrive at their ranch they haven’t been handled by anyone. Patricia along with her trainers, gentle them with a lot of patience, train and adopt them out to approved adopters. Sweetbeau has opened our eyes and we feel blessed to be able to help when we can.”
Cris J
“Michael and Patricia of Sweetbeau Horses have the perfect fully equipped training facility to take in wild Mustangs. These horses are guided in removing their great fear of humans along a solid path of consistent lessons eventuating in their wanting to be handled and ridden. The Sweetbeau method is methodical and gentle with the mindfulness of each horses' individual needs foremost taken into consideration. There is no force or aggression used to gentle these fearful animals, only compassion and understanding of what it takes to remove fear and build trust. I cannot speak more highly of the owners commitment to provide the very best for these animals for their transition from the open range to that of captivity in a safe and secure environment where they are willing to learn and be 'gentled'.”
Rob D
“I have had the amazing opportunity to stay at Sweetbeau Ranch twice over the last few years and have seen first hand the amazing work Michael and Patricia are doing with these majestic animals. They have truly taken their work to the "next level" in how they are handling these mustangs. The ranch gives these horses a chance to "enter" society in a manner that is tailor made for each of them. I was amazed at the love and care each receives, not to mention the tremendous surroundings they all have. I look forward to going back and continuing to provide my annual donation.”
Taylor S
“As an avid supporter of these once-wild horses, I have done my research on many amazing non-profits. Sweetbeau stands in a league of its own, however. The difference is all in the people. Patricia and Michael are selfless, caring, and genuinely obsessed with the protection of these horses and their ability to transition into new lives with a second chance in domesticity. They have the most gorgeous environment to welcome them from the BLM holding facilities - a welcome change. Then, they find amazing trainers and caretakers to dedicate literally years into their advancements until they are ready to be adopted. This builds community. And the more people who love and trust these horses, the more that will be able to leave the BLM holding facilities, and the more people will advocate for both keeping them wild AND bringing them home when they are not allowed to stay free. I have personally been impacted by the magic of Sweetbeau horses both because of the humans and the horses. Over the fall I visited and left totally in love with my now adopted mustang, Fairborn. He was injured during his roundup and transportation and living at Sweetbeau peacefully. Not many others would have taken a chance on a horse that was injured, but Patricia did. She got him the help he needed and rehabbed him so that eventually he could find his way to me. He is a beautiful, kind, and magical creature. I am beginning my forever with him and I could not be more thrilled with the care and work Sweetbeau has put into him. In addition, Sweetbeau has also supported some amazing kids I work with. Allowing us to run Mustang Club day trips for the youngsters to be inspired by all they do. Patricia and her crew will make a real difference because they are sharing their passion. They know that they cannot make the change alone so they are rallying a family of mustang supporters to stand by their side. Sweetbeau horses is a GREAT non-profit, to say the least.”
Jen B
“Sweetbeau was Patricia's dream for YEARS before she made it happen. Her dedication and goal oriented approach to finding a property suitable to house and care for the rescued mustangs, and then ensuring a great team was installed to train and care for them was admirable. She and husband Michael are quite a team. This is an excellent organization to send your donations.”
Andrea F
Andrea F
“Patricia and Michael are some of the most lovely people you will ever meet. I had the pleasure of working for Sweetbeau horses summer 2020. Working with mustangs has been one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of my life. The things I’ve learned from the mustangs at Sweetbeau have changed the way I approach and train any horse now. You will leave this place feeling inspired and enlightened on the American Mustang.”
Aldona T
“I met Patricia and Michael this year and had the honor to visit The Ranch in May. The work they are doing is amazing . What they do is unexplainable unless you see it with your own eyes. Patricia and Michael put their heart and soul into Sweetbeau. These horses are so loved and well taken care of ! I have owned horses all my life, but they opened my eyes to a whole new experience, and I will forever be grateful for the experience and what I have learned about the American Mustangs. Going forward I will always be one of their biggest supporters and help them build awareness. I am humbled and blessed to be adopting and bringing Suave and Mystic to their forever home with me. Keep up the amazing work you are making a difference in these magnificent Mustangs!”