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We make a promise to every horse that arrives at Sweetbeau… The Promise

By Patricia Griffin-Soffel
Founder, October 2, 2018

Oh Mustang, you run and don’t want to be caught
I was told you were angry and valiantly fought
Now you hold your head low, and you don’t seem to see
Have you suddenly lifted your face toward me

Oh Mustang, dear fellow, I see in your eyes
A vision of plains, and brilliant blue skies
I see your delight when the herd started to race
And the stallions would fly with the wind setting pace

The Promise Block 2

I see there was comfort with the mares being near
And in the heart of the family, there was nothing to fear
Your instincts so keen, to survive any weather
Of course you would think freedom lasted forever

Oh Mustang, my mustang, I know what I see
are just the visions of your life in a memory
In your heart there is only sadness and
loss your freedom was taken at a terrible cost
I’m so sorry for that, I would change it if I could
But look into my eyes, if only you would
There’s a promise in there that I swear to be true
You will never again have harm threaten you

I will try my best to comfort you every day
to heal the hurt that you felt when you were taken away
I promise to listen when you say it’s too much
And wait patiently by until you accept my touch

 And when you trust that my promises have all been true
And you feel the depth of the love in my heart for you
You may find happiness again in playing with me
And there will be nothing to fear in this family

You will know that your loneliness has come to an end
And when your broken heart does finally mend,
We will pace with the wind under brilliant blue skies
And I will once again see the delight in your eyes