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Success Stories Mojave

Tag: - Color: Smokey Dunn
Origin: South Dakota

Mojave came to Sweetbeau in a “destined“ way. A rescue of the well-known sanctuary, Return to Freedom (RTF), it was determined that he was a cryptorchid. That is a stallion who could not be gelded due to the internal placement of his testicles. It is not fair to have a stallion in captivity, as their driving instinct is to breed and fight, causing him to be separated from all other horses for his and their safety. He needed to be gelded so he could roam with the other horses without aggressive behaviors. To properly geld him would take a major abdominal surgery and Mojave was untouched and wild with all the characteristics of a stallion. RTF and Sweetbeau, partnered in the effort to make this happen. RTF brought Mojave to Sweetbeau and there’s where he started his gentling process. As it is said, it sometimes takes a village to work with some horses, and Mojave was one of them. He is semi famous for “charging” his first trainer, Sam Van Fleet, at Sweetbeau. Sam nonchalantly shrugged it off and had him haltered in a few days. As we all began working with him, we were impressed with his calm and thoughtful behavior, his willingness to learn and his confident curiosity. He is also a handsome, dark dunn of just 14.1h and it would be easy to see him with a kid ready to move up to a more athletic and challenging mount. Sweetbeau and RTF agreed he would do well in our program. Sweetbeau had his surgery done at Alamo Pintada and he recovered under our care. He is now in full training and has been saddled and willingly goes through all obstacles with ease. He is projected to be ready for adoption late Fall of 2023.