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Ambassadors Harley

Foal Yr:
Height: H
Origin: South Dakota

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Sweetbeau Mustang Ambassador - Harley was a member of the very first herd of 25 rescues we adopted from the largest horse rescue in our history. Part of the 910 horses in North Dakota that were in the ISPMB sanctuary, an organization that was well run for 17 years, that finally, in 2017, could no longer sustain itself. The conditions had become dire, and they were losing horses to starvation, toxic water and an extreme winter. These horses were destined to slaughter as the counties that were brought in to save them had already made the commitment to sell them by the pound. Along with several other advocates and sanctuaries, we stepped in and through a court proceeding, we were able to take the title of the horses. Every horse was adopted to a home or sanctuary and in 2017, Sweetbeau took 25 of the stallions. Harley is a special one, (just as him!) and will always be part of the home herd. He is the quintessential small brown mustang with a level head, forward demeanor, super smart, and still an independent thinker. He carries himself with great confidence, is ruggedly beautiful and is also one of the favorite riding horses on the ranch. Ask him to lunge in a round pen and he will quickly let you know he is NOT interested, but head out on a trail, and he is clearly in his happy place.