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Suzi Landolphi, LMFT

Suzi Landolphi, LMFT

Board Member since 2022

Suzi is the Clinical Director of Merging Vets and Players,, a national peer to peer support and empowerment organization for combat veterans and retired professional athletes.  Located in six major cities and regions, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and now, Seattle, MVP was founded by Jay Glazer, Owner of Unbreakable Performance Center and Fox NFL Insider and Nate Boyer, Army Special Forces. She also serves as the Clinical Director for Unbreakable and the Program Manager for Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, ( providing wild horse gentling retreats as a mental health therapeutic modality for veterans.

Before MVP, Suzi worked as a Senior PATHH Guide at Boulder Crest Retreat (BCR) in Bluemont, Virginia, a privately funded retreat for combat veterans, their families and first responders.  Suzi is one of the co- creators of BCR’s, signature program called PATHH, which stands for Progressive and Alternative Training for Healing Heroes.  PATHH is the nation’s first curriculum-based retreat, based on the science of Posttraumatic Growth. PATHH is now offered, at other VSO’s, around the country. Suzi has also consulted with the Wounded Warrior Project, Save A Warrior, Veteran’s 360 and Guardian Hills.

In 2003, Suzi earned her degree in Clinical and Community Psychology at Antioch University and became certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  Suzi created her own equine therapy program called Horse Inspired Growth and Healing (HIGH) where horses teach clients how to practice principled, authentic, behavior. As the first Clinical Director of Oro Recovery House, a progressive, strength based, dual diagnosis, treatment community in Malibu and Los Angeles California, Suzi changed the addiction story from “there is something wrong, with us, to it’s what happened to us, now we get to choose what happens.”